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Pines… what could have been
Monday, 09 September 2013
Often in the world of motorsport its referred to as “IF”. If I hadn’t blown the engine, if I hadn’t hit that tree, if I hadn’t lost first gear, if only I’d kept it on its wheels, if only I’d put more fuel in…

The Teagle Excavations ARB Pines Enduro was a mixture of highs and lows for the 62 teams that nominated for the final round of the South Australian Off Road Championship and the fourth and final round of the ARB Australian Off Road Racing Series.

If Glenn Owen and Matt Ryan #30 hadn’t added air-conditioning to his engine block and had finished the event the outcome of the ARB Australian Off Road Racing Series could of/would have been somewhat different with Glenn leading the point score going into the final round.

If Rick Fekkes and Garry Myers hadn’t rolled their ProLite buggy in front of the spectating croud with less than half a kilometre to complete their second lap, they may have gone on to finish the full six laps of the gruelling Pines track. The Fekkes ProLite sustained some minor damage but were unable to continue racing; more dents were put in the crew’s ego than the buggy.

If Matt Owen and Adam O’Connor in the #101 ProLite Alumi Craft hadn’t suffered with a severe misfire off the start line, their day may not have ended after 400m of racing.

2150g_sm If Goondiwindi’s Joe Bulmer and Mick Phillips’ gearbox in the #36 Jimco Pro buggy had not failed on lap one, they would not have been spectators and pit crew for the rest of the day.

If the valve springs in Andy Ryan and Josh Golby-Smith’s Chev V8 engine in the #50 Alumi Craft Pro buggy had not failed and the subsequent lack of high octane fuel in the tank, Andy Ryan would have not had his car washed and loaded before the majority of the competitors had finished the event.

2150d_sm If only there were larger breathers on the V8 engine in Ivan Robertson MickleFab trophy truck the engine crank case would not have pressurised and blown the front crank shaft seal out of location, leaking oil onto the fan belt and causing it to come off, Leanne Walker would have possibly been able to chalk up six laps navigating in Extreme 2WD class for the first time.

If Aaron Haby’s Chev V8 engine’s internal competent had not tried to leave the building, Aaron may have been able to share the podium with his brother Carl as they have done quite often in the past.

2150e_sm Mark Burrows, who won the top ten shoot out and started off pole, may have been able to capitalize on his great start position if only the water pump had not failed in his Nissan V6 twin turbo charged Jimco early in the days racing.

If the new pistons that were necessary to facilitate the rebuild of the engine of the Gartner Racing Trophy Truck had arrived in time, they would not have done a patch up job to the engine, which later failed, they may have gone onto collect a well earned finish at the Pines.

If only Ash Weinert #515 and Jason Whittiker #898 had not had issues that had slowed them on a couple of laps, they would have been able to complete the event within the allowed 7 hour time instead of finishing one lap short.

2150c_sm Even after replacing the engine overnight on Saturday night in the #117 Middlemiss car with one kindly loaned to them by fellow ProLite contender Andrew McClelland #131 after destroying theirs in the dash for cash, David and Brian Middlemiss may have gone on to challenge “Rags” for class honours if the steering rack in the Middlemiss ProLite had not failed.

If the Brett Smith in the Southern Cross ProLite #161 had not been plagued with various engine issues through out the weekend, Smith may have been able to have gone on to finish the event like his retiring father, Bob Strawbridge did in the #16 Southern Cross buggy, making it a one two for Southern Cross Racing.

2150b_sm Sandy Bowman and Daniel Hardman #833 in a borrowed Extreme 4WD had electrical issues and were towed in from reconnaissance. If only they could have found it on Saturday night and gone racing on Sunday, the party tape at the presentation dinner would have been, well… you had to be there.

If only the following competitors did not have the following issues, their weekend’s competition at the Teagle Excavations ARB Pines Enduro may have different memories for them.

78 – Luke, Ian and Billy Whelan – Engine
276 – Shane and Mark Heemskerk – Engine
253 – Greg and Matthew Vivian – Steering
215 – Terry and Kate Molloy – Gearbox
810 – Luke Hall and Scott Sage – No Go
832 – Owen Ward and Nathan Alison – Small fire but continued racing
882 – Mike Magher and Daniel Hose – Rolled but kept racing
72 – Kris Booth and Kev Nott – Engine
34 – Ian Fish and Tayler Johnson – CV and then missing front wheel
230 – John Williamson and Trevor Taylor – Gearbox
42 – Andy Brown and Dale Martin – Gearbox
705 – Andy and Karen Fox – Electrical
218 - Daniel Wells and Luc Price - GearBox


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