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2021 ARB Australian Off Road Racing Championship
Pooncarie - April 16-18     |     Griffith - July 2-4     |     Goondiwindi - Aug 13-15     |     Millicent - Oct 15-17

2021 BFGoodrich Motorsport Australia Australian Off Road Championship
St George - March 19-21   |    Finke - June 12-14    |    Loveday - July 23-25    |    Rainbow - August 27-29    |    Kalgoorlie - October 21-24

Second Rainbow for Gartner
Monday, 12 August 2019
Photographer: Corey Aldridge, Show 'n' Go Photography

The checkered flag has dropped on the 2019 Hindmarsh Shire Rainbow Desert Enduro and it was a battle of the strong willed who made it to the finish line, let along the podium.

Greg Gartner and Jamie Jennings topped the timesheet with a total race time of 3h52m38.907seconds and with their fastest lap time of 43m46.269 seconds on lap four of the five lap event, the track improved and the lap count ticked over. Gartner and Jennings are no strangers to the Rainbow podium, taking outright victory at the inaugural Rainbow Enduro in 2017.

Due to the flexible format of the event where teams can take one or two 20 minute fuel breaks, Dale Martin and Leigh Wells #133 were first on the road to salute the checkered flag but ultimately claiming second outright once the fuel breaks were factored into the results. Martin’s total time of 4h02m10.324seconds was 9m31seconds off the pace of Gartner but a sterling effort for the ProLite driver in tough conditions. As the track conditions improved so did the lap times with Martin’s lap four also his fastest for the event – 45m31.581seconds.

Mark and Matthew Burrows #21 drove a calculated race to secure the third position on the Hindmarsh Shire Rainbow Desert Enduro podium with a total race time of 4h09m59.299s and again their fastest lap time of 47m09.169 seconds happened on lap four.

Fuel breaks play an integral part in the strategy of the Hindmarsh Shire Rainbow Desert Enduro. Martin and Wells took one fuel break at the end of their second lap and drove the remaining three with enough fuel and rags (to wipe the mud off the visors) on board to finish the race. Gartner and Jennings used two fuel stops, one after lap two and the second after lap four.

Likewise the father and son Burrows team used two fuel breaks although had only planned on one, but took the opportunity at the end of lap four to stop and clean their visors and reload on rags.

While the race was reasonably incident free for the podium contenders, Burrows did have an adventure through a fence and blew reverse gear while backing out of it. Thinking his day was done was relieved when the forward gears were still in tack and raced to the finish line.

Gregory Gualandi and Matt Simpson #607 were next to finish in 4h40m03.618 seconds with the early lap wetter conditions better suited to the UTV with their fasted lap on lap two – 54m25.644seconds.

Rounding out the Hindmarsh Shire Rainbow Desert Enduro top five was Roydn Bailey and Keke Falland #622 who blitzed their lap one time of 50m54.373seconds to bring the Can-Am home in 4h48m39.905seconds.

Mother Nature can be cruel, rolling in a weather front with winds and rain straight from the South Pole over the Southern parts of Australia. The Mallee township of Rainbow had been preparing for the onslaught of off road competitors and their service crew since last year’s event and have spent countless hours doing their best to weatherproof the start finish venue and the course. Congratulations to all who took on the challenge and whether you made one lap or five, this is one event that will be talked about for years to come.

President of the Victorian Off Road Racing Association Tony Carabott added “it’s been a busy year leading up to the event and a very difficult last few days but the club pulled together and we have a podium. Congratulations to Greg and Jamie on their second Rainbow win; congratulations to Dale and Leigh – a great effort, and congratulations to Mark and Matthew on their third place and taking out the Championship. We hope to see you all again next year”.

Results can be found here.