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2021 ARB Australian Off Road Racing Championship
Pooncarie - April 16-18     |     Hillston - Aug 13-15     |     Millicent - Oct 15-17     |     Goondiwindi - Nov 12-14

2021 BFGoodrich Motorsport Australia Australian Off Road Championship
St George - March 19-21   |    Finke - June 12-14    |    Rainbow - August 27-29   |    Kalgoorlie - October 21-24    |    Loveday - October 30-31

Gundy 400 Cancelled
Wednesday, 29 September 2021
The Goondiwindi Motorsport Association are disappointed to announce today that they will be unable to run the 2021 Goondiwindi 400 scheduled for 12-14 November this year.

The club have been busy sourcing a new venue for the start finish/pit area, however, relocating the pits, building and other infrastructure from Malapunyah to the new venue, coupled with the recent rains have proved this to be a difficult task. On top of that, forecast weather for the next couple of weeks is going to make conditions questionable and delay  further the relocation.

All these difficulties are on top of the ongoing Covid 19 border restrictions faced by Queensland and the country.

Jamie Knight, GMA President commented “it’s been a difficult year for the club members after the sale of the Malapunyah property, but we’ve now found a new home for our start/finish/pit/spectator area and we’re going to work hard over the next six months to get everything moved and set up.”

“The Goondiwindi 80km track will essentially be the same with the a start finish venue, which is slightly closer to town, backing onto the existing track; we have however, lost the infamous Malapunyah Run”.

Goondiwindi Motorsport Association have set 13th-14th August as their date for 2022 and the club are looking forward to having established the new location for the staging of the 2022 Goondiwindi 400